Now Serving Minnesota! Titan Communications is a Licensed
Minnesota Contractor offering services
throughout the Northeastern region
Providing Quality Services
For Over 20 Years
We integrate the latest technologies to offer
affordable network solutions
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Learn More »[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Home Installations” css_animation_delay=”0″ icon=”52|fontawesome” image=”7075″]Whether it’s adding a computer network cable, telephone jack, coaxial cable, or home security cameras, we can take care of all your low voltage wiring needs.

Learn More »[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Phone Systems” css_animation_delay=”0″ icon=”4|fontawesome” image=”7076″]Your phone system is an important part of your business. We install and do service work on most systems. Contact us for all your telecommunication needs.

Learn More »[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Security Cameras” css_animation_delay=”0″ icon=”18|fontawesome” image=”7077″]We offer a full range of surveillance solutions ranging from basic low cost systems to higher end IP cameras for installations requiring higher resolution. Call us for a free quote.

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Founded in 1993, Titan Communications provides quality services to commercial and residential properties throughout Northwestern Wisconsin.

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[checklist style=”style2″ icon=”333|fontawesome” ] [item] Staff of Installation Experts [/item] [item] Quick and Efficient Work [/item] [item] Out of Box Solution [/item] [item] Adaptable Structured Cabling System [/item] [item] Reliable and High-Quality Products [/item] [item] Service a Variety of Industries [/item] [item] Stay Within Budget [/item] [item] Follows Industry Codes and Standards [/item] [/checklist]

[checklist style=”style2″ icon=”333|fontawesome” ] [item] Indoor and Outdoor Camera Options [/item] [item] Telephone Installation and Maintenance [/item] [item] Auto Attendant Programming[/item] [item] Custom Network Wiring [/item] [item] Panasonic and NEC Certified [/item] [item] Local Knowledgable Employees [/item] [item] 24/7 Premium Support[/item] [item] Free Site Estimates[/item] [/checklist]

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Let us be the answer to all your telecommunication needs.

Titan Communications offers quality solutions for your business phone systems, network cabling, and home installations.

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